Rural Youth Parliament Erasmus+ Project

Welcome to our best European project for the vulnerable youth in rural areas!ย 

All for young people

The partners wish to increase the quality and relevant of their activities and projects especially the ones that address young people with fewer opportunities. The project addresses target groups meaning rural youth from the regions where are located the partners in the project and youth workers from the partner organizations.


& networking

Strengthen and enhance the cooperation and networking among 3 European non-governmental organizations active in the field of youth work and creation of the basis for consistent dialogue among them and exchange of good practices in the field of youth.

innovative practices

Develop and implement innovative practices, methods and instruments in the field of youth that lead to active civic involvement in the community of young people from disadvantaged and rural communities

Youth parliaments

Set-up a functioning method to simulate rural youth parliaments as a method for active involvement of young people in their local communities in 3 different European regions where the partners activate.

Youth workers
& Guide

Identify, recruit and prepare minimum 3 youth workers from the participants to the Rural Youth Parliaments in each local community. Create an online Guide of practical tools for active involvement of young people in the community life using.

โ€œThe Youth of today are the leaders of tomorrowโ€ - Nelson Mandela

The mission of Learning for Integration ry is to promote the learning of languages and cultural sensitivity of migrant, immigrant and refugee children and youth in Finland and other Nordic countries in order to facilitate their integration into the new culture and the development of a multicultural society. In addition, our purpose is to support Swedish learning in Finland.

We have a solid background in language teaching and material creation and we would like to use this experience to support our mission to create language awareness through activities such as playgroups for pre-school children, language exchange groups and free language learning material and eLearning possibilities for all ages.

Learning for integration ry

Our active team

Tavo Europa is more than just another NGO working on the development of society by making those choices. It is a platform that gathers youth and different kind of experts who work together. We are home for the knowledge-hungry professionals that deeply care about their job, about career development and about youth. This is a safe place where non-formal education methods meet different environments and miracles really begin to happen. Teachers, trainers, instructors, researchers, activists and youth leaders gather together to make the choice โ€“ bring a positive change, while giving floor to youth and helping them advance their major skills. Life is all about making choices, but to help youngsters make the right ones, we provide tools and methods striving to create a stronger link between youth mobility experience and further professional prospects. Through various projects and different local activities, we are looking for new ways of how educational activities can meet the demand of new generations. In a liquid, constantly changing and evolving environment such as the nowadays age of knowledge that we are living in, it is essential to readjust the teaching-industry relationship, while experimenting with new ways of learning, thus making new great and better choices than ever before.

Tavo Europa - LITHUANIA



In order to develop and implement the two local strategies,ย  LAG Napoca Porolissum underwent a very rigorous analysis of its territory. Thus, the local strategies are highly oriented to local context and its potential.

Our LAG uses aย  โ€bottom-upโ€ approach in order to contribute to the socio-economic development of its territory. LAG Napoca Porolissum is working to demonstrate that local development is the key to attract projects, skills, opportunities and networks for community growth. The main objectives of the LAG are: facilitating the development of agriculture through promoting and organizing short supply chains; processing and marketing of local products; organizing producer groups; getting a balanced and sustainable local development; creation of jobs through promoting social inclusion and reducing poverty and the development of the economy in poor areas.

LAG Napoca Porolissum Association - ROMANIA

Located in the south of Saint-Brieuc Armor Agglomeration in Cรดtes d’Armor, Plล“uc-L’Hermitage is a rural town that works to promote local dynamism and its attractiveness. Plล“uc-L’Hermitage hosts 4121 inhabitants. The municipality offer a broad of accessible public services, such as primary schools, middle schools, post agencies and social specialized establishments. In the economical field, Plล“uc-lโ€™Hermitage has many agricultural exploitations, but also a commercial and artisanal zone with a varied offer of local businesses. In order to develop the population’s access to leisure and culture, the city disposes of many sports infrastructures and more than 60 associations. The municipality of Ploeuc-L’Hermitage works hard for local dynamism and try to develop its attractiveness, especially directed to the youth. From now on, the priority of the municipality is to develop its actions towards its young population, and especially to involve them in local public life. This is why we joined the Rural Youth Parliament project in order to benefit from tools to support them in their journey as citizens. Therefore the municipality has participated to the Europe for Citizens project ”Small Towns European Debates Network”, which aims to propose workshops to rural citizens to know better their needs. The municipality also has extensive experience of European programs, since it is currently carrying out several projects under the ERASMUS+ programme. The services of the municipality also provide support for ERASMUS+ projects led by associations in based in Ploeuc-L’Hermitage, such as the projects led by the local mountain bike associations and the potato producer association.

Plล“uc-Lโ€™Hermitage - FRANCE

Activities & More

Find out all about our activities meant to be achieved during the project and the events that make our project successful!


Purpose of the guide: Digital guide incorporating tools for the development of digital competences of young people, for the development of critical thinking, capacity to evaluate, capacity to work with different types of information (media and fake news); capacity to participate in the democratic life: better understand the European values and fundamental rights.

Rural youth parliaments are meant to become tools for active engagement of young people in disadvantaged communities. Purpose of the methodology: To deliver the best methods for organizing rural youth Parliaments taking into consideration logistical aspects, selection of participants, motivation of participants

Discover our transnational meetings that we have organized throughout our Rural Youth Parliament project, bringing together its partners and ensuring that our results project is a succes. See here our transnational meetings!

Discover our dinamic and effective dissemination events & simulations carried out by our partners throughout our Rural Youth Parliament project. See here our dissemination events!

Discover our wonderful and inspiring multipliers event carried out by our partners throughout our Rural Youth Parliament project. See here our multipliers events!

Purpose of the activity: To be better prepared to work in the interest of young people, to help them integrate, be more tolerant, involved in the democrat6ic life of their communities, be interested to bring positive changes, develop new skills that will help them be better professionals or develop entrepreneurial spirit. Discover here our LTT activity in France!

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